Home Improvement Licensing Requirements

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Home-ImprovementsSo, let’s start with the question – a home improvement contractor license is for whom? Any business or person must have a Home Improvement Contractor license if it is engaged in the repair, construction, remodeling or to any building or land used as a residence. This is not limited to, but includes the construction, improvement or replacement of driveways, basements, landscaping, fences, patios, garages, porches, terraces, swimming pools, sidewalks and other improvements to structures or upon land that is beside apar tment building or a home.

In the further description we will generally explain who must have a Home Improvement Contractor license. These are some of the additional city or state licenses, permits, clearances that you could need:

– If you negotiate, solicit or offer to negotiate a home improvement contract with a property owner, you need to obtain home improvement salesperson license.
– A permit from the City Department of Transportation is required for sidewalk work.
– Home improvements that involve electrical work, plumbing or extensions to a residence require a permit from the City Department of Buildings. In addition the City Department of Buildings
must be notified about work to raise, elevate, lift or move building or a house, as this work requires a special inspection.
– If you plan to transport or haul waste resulting from your business operations you must get a Class One Self Hauler Registration from the City Business Integrity Commission.
Keep in mind that businesses are responsible for complying and knowing with the most current laws, including any City Council amendments. The Department of Consumer Affairs is not
responsible for omissions or errors in the handout provided in this packet. The information isn’t legal advice. You can only get legal advice from a lawyer.

A Home Improvement License is not required if you are:
– A Registered Architect or Professional Engineer who does not have a Design-Build Contract.
– A homeowner performing her or his own work.
– A subcontractor.
– A contractor for work done to fulfill or for a new building, or a guarantee of completion of a new building.
– Performing work in a residence that is controlled or owned by a government agency.
– Performing work in a various residence and hired by Board of Directors or the building owner
– Performing work in the commercial portion of a building only.

So, these are Home Improvement Licensing Requirements. We have shown what you will need and also when you don’t need Home Improvement License.
Also, beside these there are application requirements. You need to obtain the following required documents before you fill in your application. Although, The
Department of Consumer Affairs does not require obedience of these documents in order to process your application online or in person, The Department of Consumer Affairs reserves the right to request and examine the documents under City Administrative Code. Applicable business certificates should be based on your business’s legal structure.
So, this article is about home improvement licensing requirements in short. More details you can find on the Internet, on what particularly are you interested in.

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